Apex Kitchens & Baths is proud to sell cabinetry that is part of environmentally conscious manufacturing.  Here is what Wood-Mode has to say about their commitment to sustainable design:

For more than sixty-five years since its founding, Wood-Mode has maintained a firm commitment to sound environmentally-protective policies and practices in the manufacture of its custom cabinet products. The company has taken pride in producing the industry's highest quality cabinetry in a manner that demonstrates its genuine concern and care for the environment.

Environmental Sustainability
Wood-Mode has been certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) as meeting the standards for its "Environmental Stewardship Program" (ESP). This program was created to recognize industry manufacturers who use environmentally friendly materials and production processes. To qualify for and maintain certification, manufacturers are evaluated annually on compliance in five categories, including air quality, product resource management, process resource management, environmental stewardship, and community relations, as well as energy conservation and recycling programs.

Air Pollution Control
As far back as 1989, Wood-Mode installed and began operating its Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for the destruction of emissions generated in the cabinetry finishing process. Operating at a combustion chamber temperature of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, the RTO destroys 99.4% of captured Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). In addition, under optimal conditions, the RTO operates in a self-sustaining mode and does not need any fuel (natural gas) input, a significant savings in energy.

Protecting and Conserving Our Water Resource
Wood-Mode complies with all local and state regulations for the discharge of any waste water, as regulated by the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Steam condensate is recovered and re-circulated back to the boiler systems to reduce the amount of un-treated water necessary to produce more steam.

Protecting Our Land through Efficient Waste Management
Sawdust and wood scrap are ground into particles which are then used as fuel to heat the factory and provide steam to operate the dry kilns, as well as heat, air condition and
humidify the Wood-Mode office and factory. Particle collectors remove wood fly ash from
any air emissions. Scrap recycling also eliminates having to deposit wood waste into landfills and reduces Wood-Mode's reliance on domestic or foreign fossil fuels to operate the boilers. This self-produced fuel, recycled from scrap, is a renewable natural resource, and the most environmentally responsible fuel possible.


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